Eris Webservices

Welcome to Eris Webservices! We provide basic hosting for all your server hosting needs, powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Flagship Servers

  • Worlgik: A plugin hell server with tons of custom textures, models, mechanics, and more, all on a 1:1500 scale Earth map. Beware of bugs, as it’s still in beta!
  • Mastodon: Eris Webservices’ own Mastodon instance! Use this to connect with other Worlgik players, report issues, submit art, show gameplay, and more!
  • Discord: Okay, we don’t host this one on OCI’s hardware, but it’s called a discord server so it fits here. Worlgik and Eris Webservices have discord servers! Most of the info about Worlgik is in its own discord server. You can use each server to report bugs, ask questions, connect with the community, and make orders.

The state of this website

More will be added soon, this is just an early prototype. It’ll also probably look a little nicer once I can figure out how to change the background color.

Note from TheoCGaming: You can go to the code editor and edit the CSS I put up at the top.